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Brownstone Stoop Restoration


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Brownstone Stoop Restorariton
21 S Oxford St Brooklyn, NY 11217

Brownstone Stoop Restoration

We Specialize in Brownstone Stoop Restoration and Repair Masonry work. Since 1998 we service Brownstone Façade Restoration, Brownstone Stoop, Brick Repointing and Masonry work in Brooklyn, New York City.

Brownstone Stoop Restoration

Initial setup is safety and we commence with chipping away the solid brownstone with rotary hammers. Roughing up the surface to promote the bonding of what calls Scratch coat. once the chipping is completed, the demoed surface gets pressure washed to remove dust and debris. we then let the surface dry while we prepare the mix for fast setting cement base mortar for restoration coat. this particular mix with water is done until it reaches the consistency of damp beach sand. this mix should be install without it prematurely setting up. apply the materials from the top down, we then lightly wet the work surface to a saturated surface dry and standard and apply a thin bond coat, consisting of diluted mortar mix.

We setup scaffolding for any pressure-washing, brick re pointing and painting that needs to be done and we cover it with needing to protect pedestrians from falling items. the garden level facade adjacent to the stoop is typically a brownstone veneer with brick above it, and we usually have to tie any entire stoop repair work into this facade. along with our project foreman we often ——– a home’s entire façade

Brownstone Stoop Restoration, Brownstone Facade Restoration, Brownstone Renovation

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