We specialize stucco work. Their are two types of stucco traditional and synthetic. Stucco now a days has been the popular choice for buildings throughout New York City area.  because it can be used for decoration facades and adding a styles of color. Stucco commonly made from Portland cement plaster, stucco can be applied to walls and other surfaced within and outside of buildings. The material is very durable, is fire-retardant, requires little maintenance when professionally installed, and can even be mixed to create various textures and finishes. Upgrade your Walls with new Masonry Stucco then select the type of paint you desire and make it the hottest building in the Block!


Used only in traditional stucco application, Santa Barbara uses fine sand particles to develop an adobe look. Colored sand can be used to create variations, but if you don’t want variations in the coating, you can paint Santa Barbara finishes. It is also very smooth when finished, but this can cause very visible cracking.


The typical 3-coat system consists of a water resistant barrier usually made from asphalt-moisture barrier, then masonry wire mash layers over, a scratch and brown layer, and finally a finish coat or primer. The cement base coat is usually about 7/8”.

Synthetic Finishes

Citypro Construction specialize in Synthetic finishes are a lot like acrylic finishes and are even made up of acrylic, in most cases just like acrylic finishes are. Synthetic finishes are typically used more in EIFS systems and are designed to keep water from entering the wall so they do have a little bit different characteristics to them in a standard acrylic finish would. Aggregate sizes can also affect the overall look and feel of a stucco wall and will be very different in appearance when the finish coat is finally applied. Nearly every type of stucco finish material will have “aggregate size choices” that you can choose from and these are typically referred to as smooth, fine, medium and coarse.