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Bluestone is a type of sedimentary rock that is used in a variety of design and remodeling projects. In North America, bluestone is usually made of sandstone or limestone. Bluestone is dense and easy to maintain. Because it’s unlikely to stain, you don’t even need to seal bluestone.

Bluestone’s intense durability make it a favorite material among homeowners and contractors alike. It will stay looking great through years of wear, including harsh weather conditions. Unlike other materials that are only suited for very specific environments, bluestone works well in many climates.

How to Recognize Bluestone

Bluestone masonry also looks amazing! True to its name, bluestone is a light blue color with hints of gray. However, it can also look tan or rust-colored. Usually, the differentiation in color is attributed to where the stone comes from.

Bluestone is its bluest when it’s first cut. As it ages, bluestone usually ends up looking more gray. Bluestone is the perfect complement to many styles, including modern and rustic.

Because of its rough texture, bluestone is ideal for outdoor use. Even if you experience heavy rainfall, bluestone won’t become slick and dangerous like other materials. However, Bluestone still has plenty of smoothness. If you have a Bluestone patio, you should have no problem lying on it to sunbathe.

When is Bluestone Used?

You can use Bluestone in a variety of home improvement projects in Brooklyn.

If you want masonry that you can count on for longevity and aesthetic appeal, bluestone is a fantastic choice. Citypro Contracting has over two decades of experience using Bluestone for design and remodeling projects. We’d love to make your next project in Queens or the surrounding area a success! Call us today for a free consult!

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