Limestone Restoration

The sedimentary rock limestone is a popular construction material for both indoor…

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The sedimentary rock limestone is a popular construction material for both indoor and outdoor projects. Not only is it a reliable material, but it also adds character to every home. Limestone has been a popular building material for homes and businesses alike for centuries.

Limestone is famous for its longevity. In fact, the pyramids were made from limestone thousands of years ago. This is a true testament to limestone’s extreme longevity and durability! Limestone was also used to build the Empire State Building!

What Does Limestone Look Like?

At a glance, limestone looks smooth but you can also see a grainy pattern. It has a sleek, sophisticated appearance that pleases many homeowners in Manhattan and the surrounding areas. Usually, limestone is cream-colored, but you can also get other varieties such as brown, black, yellow, and even blue.

Because limestone is porous, it must be sealed. Otherwise, it will easily absorb liquids and even the scent of smoke. Without the proper seal, it could end up getting stained.

Fortunately, limestone holds up against corrosion. Because it’s a softer stone, limestone can be carved into many different unique shapes and structures. It’s a contractor’s dream!

How is Limestone Used?​

Limestone is a versatile material that has many different uses in construction. It can be made into tiles and panels. It can also be used for:

If you’re fixing up your home for sale, limestone can add huge value. It’s very appealing to home buyers and instantly makes your home look more sophisticated. Limestone is also widely available. You won’t have any problems getting some for your project.

Limestone Work in Manhattan

If limestone was good enough for the pyramids, it should be good enough for your Brooklyn, Manhattan home improvement project! The expert general contractors from Citypro Contracting would love to help you with your limestone work! Call us today for a free consultation.

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