Modern stucco is typically used as an exterior cement plaster to cover walls.

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What are the Stucco services?

Modern stucco is typically used as an exterior cement plaster to cover walls. Usually, it’s made from a mixture of sand and Portland sand. Sometimes manufacturers also add lime, water, and/or a proprietary mixture of additives such as fibers and synthetic acrylics. This winning combination creates a unique substance of strength and flexibility. Today’s stucco differs from the traditional stucco, which was made of lime, sand, and water. Lime increases the permeability and workability of modern stucco. Acrylics and glass fibers also improve the structural properties in modern stucco.

The History of Stucco

The difference between stucco, plaster, and mortar is about more than just composition. Primarily, the differences are in the way each substance is used. Plaster used to be used primarily on the inside of buildings while stucco covered the outside. This stucco was made with lime and sand, just like it is today. These are the same ingredients you’ll find in mortar. For a stronger material, plant fibers were sometimes added.

Stucco changed in the late 1800s when people started using Portland cement more frequently. They realized it was more durable than previous variations of stucco. At the same time, gypsum plaster started replacing traditional lime plasters. Although stucco used to be applied in three coats, today it’s usually installed in just two: one base layer and one finish layer. This two-layer installation is thinner and faster compared to the traditional three-coat stucco application.

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Stucco can be tricky to apply. If you hire an inexperienced residential general, you risk a sloppy stucco application. Citypro Contracting understands the unique nature of stucco. We know the right tools and methods to use to yield the best results in stucco application. We have been serving all of Brooklyn and Manhattan as a trusted residential general contractor for decades. Call us today for a free consultation on your stucco work!

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