A Wide Variety of Masonry Services We are masonry and bricks contractors in Brooklyn Park Slope and other Brooklyn neighborhoods.

We provide Wide Variety of Masonry Services

We are masonry, stucco and brick repointing contractors in Brooklyn Park Slope and other Brooklyn neighborhoods. We design, install, and restore your concrete masonry, bricks, blocks, bluestone, limestone, and sidewalk projects. We also deliver a wide array of other services such as brickwork and outdoor landscaping. The details make all the differences in masonry. Luckily, our special eye for detail ensures that every finished project is up to a high standard.

You’ll have stunning masonry work that holds up for many years, when Citypro Contracting is finished with your home. We specialize in brick repointing and Stucco work in Brooklyn Fort Greene or the surrounding areas. Our experienced team can execute your masonry project with a superior level of craftsmanship. You won’t find anyone else in Brooklyn Park Slope or other Brooklyn neighborhoods that has the level of commitment that we do. We know how to carefully select the materials that not only look great but will also be incredibly durable. We can make your stonework dreams become a reality!

Unique, Artistic Designs

If you want a design that’s truly unique, Citypro Contracting can create masonry work that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Our stonework is artwork in its own right. It doesn’t matter how your home is decorated. We can come up with a masonry solution that will merge seamlessly with that rest of your décor. No ideas on how you want our masonry to look? No problem! We can give you multiple design options and keep fine-tuning until we have the perfect plan!

Whether you want masonry to add something special to your landscaping, your patio, fireplace, chimney, or something else, Citypro Contracting can deliver the very best results! Call Citypro today for your free consultation. We’d love to be the masonry and bricks contractor on your next project!

More Services

We’ve Completed More Than 100+ project for our amazing clients, if you interested?