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We see flaws resulting from design, and even more from lack of maintenance, or deferred maintenance. With brick buildings for example, if there isn’t a tuckpointing program, you’ll find that after some years, the mortar joints start to weather. Water enters the wall cavity, which can cause problems to the underlying steel. Repairs to these elements should be addressed in a manner that will prolong the useful life of the appurtenance as well as the repairs performed. Another cause of deterioration on facades is pollution, though that damage is mostly aesthetic. The effects of pollution on stone – particularly limestone – are well known. It can turn the normally buff-colored stone black. The stone is porous and made more so by the effects of pollution, further weakening the façade and facilitating water infiltration leading back to the problems described above. When a problem or issue is found, in most cases the first step will be to install a building  sidewalk shed or canopy also known as a girdle to prevent anyone from being struck by falling building materials.


Tuckpointing is a maintenance method for mortar joints that involves removing the outer inch or so of existing mortar and replacing it with new mortar. The existing mortar must be tested first, to insure that the strength of the new and old mortar is the same. Bon explains that applying replacement mortar that is stronger than the original material will only cause additional problems. The same is true of the converse; the new mortar shouldn’t be weaker than the old mortar either.

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