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Cornice Restoration

We specialize repair and Restore cornice. Get free Estimates now

Cornice Restoration

Citypro Contracting Brownstone Façade Restoration and masonry Construction, Cornice Repair work service . We specialize in Cornice Restoration, Stoop Restoration, Brick repointing, Stucco, Repointing, waterproofing and Masonry work contractors. Our key element of the restorations has been cornice repairs along the roof. Our Professional crews will carefully disassembling the damaged sections, building replicas and installing them.

We have successfully delivered many cornice restoration project in downtown Brooklyn, Park slope, Crown Heights, Brooklyn Heights areas. Call us today and get a free Estimate now.

Are you having this circumstances? call us today for free estimates on your cornice restoration work.

• An extension that you are having built
• A chimney breast being removed
• A refurbishment
• Repair to flood damage
• Creating a new room that you want to match the original building


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